I am a partner at DCVC. I find, fund, and grow deep tech startups that solve big problems in health, sustainability, and industrial transformation. I look for real innovations that can become the platforms of huge businesses, yielding years of breakthrough products or services.

Firms and Investments

Firm and investments
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    DCVC backs entrepreneurs solving trillion-dollar problems to multiply the benefits of capitalism for everyone while reducing its costs. For over twenty years, DCVC and its principals have backed brilliant entrepreneurs applying Deep Tech, from the earliest stage and beyond, to pragmatically and cost-effectively tackle previously unsolvable problems in nearly every industry, especially those that haven’t seen material technological progress in decades. The firm has created tens of billions of dollars of value while also making the world a markedly better place.

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    Totus Medicines is a chemical biology company that has created a novel drug discovery platform that integrates structure-based design, combinatorial chemistry, and automated biophysics for the rapid identification of first-in-class oncology therapeutics.

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    Menten AI combines synthetic biology, machine learning, and quantum computing to create new proteins not found in nature for applications in therapeutics and chemistry. The company’s hybrid quantum and machine learning approach allows them to overcome the scalability challenges that limit classical approaches.

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    ZwitterCo’s membranes enable more sustainable and profitable wastewater reuse, protein production, and nutrient recovery.

Large red opening quote markJason was a critical partner in building Totus from the seed of an idea to a full-scale company with multiple therapeutic programs. We could not have done it without his support, feedback, and guidance.

— Neil Dhawan, CEO and Founder, Totus Medicines

How I Invest

I invest early: incubating a new concept when it’s a paper in Nature or Science, or leading the Seed or Series A rounds. I like to work with creative, disciplined founders from diverse backgrounds. If you’re a scientist-entrepreneur with a new idea, never think you don’t match the pattern of a typical founder: pitch me. If we work together, I’ll never mistake my role for an operator — it’s your job to run the company — but I’ll provide whatever your venture needs. My ethics are those of my firm, DCVC, which backs companies using deep tech to build a more abundant, resilient, and equitable future. I won’t invest in startups whose success would tend to erode human values like privacy, autonomy, or truth. Someone else can fund those companies. 


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