MIT Technology Review

2004 – 2017

I was hired as editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review in 2004, became publisher the following year, and fulfilled that dual role for 12 years. If the publication was intelligent, beautiful, and useful during my time, anyone who has worked in media will understand it was a collective effort. The tutelary genius of Tech Review was its long-time editor, David Rotman, now editor-at-large, who has worked with five consecutive chiefs. Deputy editors Nate Nickerson and Brian Bergstein ran the publication. Managing editor Tim Maher and copy chief Linda Lowenthal made it literate and lucid. Kyanna Sutton produced the Website. Creative directors Julia Moburg, Eric Mongeon, Nick Vokey, and Jordan Awan translated my inchoate graphical ideas into something worthy of Muriel Cooper, responsible for the magazine’s iconic designs in the 1960s and 70s.